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What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

By Whitecaps Coaching Staff, 04/25/20, 10:00AM CDT


We hope all of you are staying safe, and making the best out of the  current situation. To try and supplement the lack of baseball in our lives, we have come up with some interactive ways to get the players moving around. 

On Monday’s we will be sending out a series of drills. The drills will cover all areas of baseball, from fielding and throwing, to hitting and running. Each of our coaches will be assigned an area of focus for that week and we will put out a drill/plan for the players to do on their own. It’ll be important for parents to check your emails on Monday's so you can share the drills with your players. Online learning isn’t easy to begin with, especially with the given circumstances. These drills will be a fun alternative and a way for the players to get active. Giving them a much needed change in pace.

In addition to weekly drills we will be holding Wednesday Night (7:30) Baseball Study sessions/practices. We’ll work on a more catchy title, but that’ll have to do for now.  At these study practices we will be using Zoom or another form of video communication. The sessions will break down scenarios and the mental side of the game. Each session will have a specified focal point, and at the end the players will be able to ask questions about the session. If your player can’t make the video chat (should last roughly 30-45 minutes), we will leave the chat open. This allows players to watch the practice after it has happened. That way no one is missing out on any of the information.

Also, we understand that there may be questions regarding the season. Before the recent extension to the stay at home order we were under the impression we would be continuing with league play (but postponed until the end of the stay at home order). Since then we haven’t had any communication, but we will be relaying any information we receive to you. The same goes for tournaments. Some will be getting cancelled, and as we get that information we will relay that to you.  

Lastly, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram. You could see some of our own coaches doing drills, or putting out links to videos you and your players can check out!

Stay happy, healthy, and safe!

–Whitecaps Coaching Staff